Cienfuegos can be visited perfectly in a day. Most points of interests for tourists are centered around the José Martí Park. The area that we liked the most was Punta Gorda. This can be reached by walking through the entire Paseo del Prado until it has become the Malecón of Cienfuegos. From here, you can enjoy the sunrise/sunset which make it worth staying at least one night in the city.


Jose Marti park

Surrounding the José Martí Park are the most emblematic buildings of the city. It is, so to speak, the heart of Cienfuegos. Most of the tourist shops are located bordering the park itself.



This eclectic style building from the late 19th century is the jewel of the park. The Ferrer Palace, located at the José Martí, takes away the prominence of any other building. Its intense blue color, which we will also see in other buildings in the city, hides that it has been in a long process of restoration. When we went up to the first floor, we discovered that there were workers repairing the defects caused by time, replacing the marbles and putting in the finishes. The palace is a gem even though it’s only half done.


The size of the rooms and decoration details revealed the purchasing power of the former owners.

When we looked out on the balconies, we saw another view of José Martí Park and its Arc de Triomf. The monument was built voluntarily by the workers of the city to celebrate the independence of Cuba. What stood out most from the palace is its lookout tower from which you can see all over Cienfuegos. The Catalan merchant who built this tower intended to control the entry of ships and goods to the port. From here, you can absolutely see all of Cienfuegos. And yes, you should abstain from climbing it if you have vertigo, because if you are my height, you will have more body above the viewpoint than below when you reach the last step.


Perhaps what surprised us most about Palacio Ferrer is the use of its lower floor as the Provincial House of Culture. This space has been reserved so that local artists can show their most carefree works, as well as to rehearse plays and dance performances, etc.


The decoration has nothing to do with the first floor. Here, it shines more by the lack of such. Clear and vivid colors were randomly distributed on the walls that flaked over times. There were lilac, yellow, and green rooms. A good canvas for a photo shoot and playing with the lights through the windows while hip hop music sneaks in from the next room, where a group was rehearsing a choreography.

Catedral de la Purísima Concepcion

At the other end of the park is the neoclassical style Catedral de la Purísima Concepción. Cienfuegos had not been inhabited before colonization. However, when the Spaniards arrived, they decided to establish a city there since the bay of Cienfuegos was ideal for building a port. With the foundation of Cienfuegos, the first mass was celebrated in the same land that occupies the cathedral today.


Two other buildings that will not go unnoticed during your visit to the José Martí Park are the Government Palace and the Tomás Terry Theater which are arranged one in front of the other.

paseo de PRADO

The Paso de Prado is the main artery of the city. If you explore Cienfuegos in one day, it gives you time to walk at least a large part of it. Although few tourist attractions are here, this is where you find the essence of Cienfuegos. Just two kilometers in length, it is the largest promenade in Cuba. And just as Cuba itself, the Walk of Cienfuegos is also a permanent contrast between decadence and splendor.


Punta Gorda

In the southern most part, the Paseo del Prado momentarily becomes the Cienfuegos Malecón. From here, we will find a Cuba that you have not imagined. Intermingled style mansions make Cienfuegos the most eclectic city in Cuba. This is the end of Cienfuegos, Punta Gorda, as fat as the wallet of the owners of these historic homes.



However, even after the sun goes down, Punta Gorda does not stop shining thanks to all the super luxury mansions that will literally leave you speechless.


You will find striking mansions such as the Cienfuegos Club or the Blue Palace, with indefinable styles since they are a mix all kinds of elements.


In Cienfuegos, there is no place as exquisite as Doña Nora’s paladar to eat. Its eclectic decor, soft live music, variety of dishes, and views of the Paseo del Prado, make it the ideal place to dine.


We booked a table on the way to Punta Gorda when we went to see the sunset, and had dinner there on the way back to the center of Cienfuegos. Even for low season, the restaurant was quite full. It is highly recommended to book a table, especially if you visit Cienfuegos in high season. Also, if you show up on time, you can ask to be seated on the terrace and enjoy a perfect and romantic candlelit dinner.


Museo Provincial de Cienfuegos

Provincial Museum Cienfuegos located in the town of Cienfuegos province Cienfuegos the provincial Museum is the old headquarters casino Spanish, in front of the Park Marti. it treasures important samples archaeological of the stage pre-Columbian, parts relevant value museable, old paper belonging to characters illustrious of the city of Cienfuegos weapons and other testimonials on the Foundation of the city and the life of Patriots cienfuegueros that fought by achieve freedom National. has significant collections of decorative Arts and room culture cienfueguera.